More Walmart Wine

Ahhhh, $3 wine. I wanted some wine tonight, but didn't want to open one of my decent bottles, so I stopped by Walmart and thought I'd try more cheap wine, just to see what it's like. I almost laughed when I saw they had a line of $3.97 wines that included a Malbec, which is a wine I usually very much love. So, how is the cheapest Malbec in the world? Well, it's not great. Will probably not finish the bottle, but probably will finish the glass. I mean, I've had worse glasses of wine.

Oh yeah, but not only was it cheap, but it has a cute label. Two signs that the wine may be less than tasty.


msg said...

they have 2.99 bottles of wine in Holden Beach! jeannette and i like to stock up. it doesn't have a fancy name or label, nor is it much more than drinkable.