So Ill

Henry and I went back to southern Illinois for Easter weekend, and Henry liked it so much he stayed. We (by this I mean Phil and I) decided it was better for Hen to live with Phil for now, since he's got the big fenced in yard. I quite miss the little dog, but I know he's happier and more relaxed where he is. When I move next month Hen will come back then. So, 'till then, it's just quiet and a bit weird here at this sublet. I will probably not do a three month sublet again.

Anyway, I'm here to blog about the great So Ill weekend. Phil's mom and stepdad came for the weekend, and it was very beautiful and sunny and warm. Phil's mom brought pickled eggs (is that what they're called?) so Phil and I had pickled deviled eggs for lunch Sunday.

After lunch we went out to the last couple of wineries we'd never visited. The first one we went to was rustic and set back off the road and was so gorgeous... too bad they were closed for Easter-- I really wanted to sit on this porch and drink in the sun.

Luckily there's no shortage of decks along the Shawnee Hills wine trail; we ended up at one of one of the larger wineries, Von Jacob. I had a mediocre glass of Chardonel and Phil had a water. It was a lovely, though very windy, day.

We went back home and grilled some delicious ribeyes and a ton of veggies. We had a foil packet of potatoes, onions, and carrots, a foil packet of Indian-spiced sweet potatoes, and a foil packet of bell peppers and mushrooms. Phil'd got a bottle of wine on our wine trail trip that afternoon, so we had a nice local bottle of some red, Chambourcin? Chancellor? I don't remember. Next trip back to So Ill I'll try to remember to bring my real camera, so I won't have to rely on my cell phone. These pics don't look too too bad though, I guess. But here, I'm moving my camera to a clearly visible spot right now.

Oh, the crappiest thing that happened today: I was nuking a bowl of soup at work and when I went to take the soup out of the mike I somehow spilled it all over the inside of the microwave, under the microwave, on the shelf the mike sits on, the counter below, the floor, my clothes... that was, um, frustrating.

The best thing that happened today was that when I got on the elliptical at the gym a good episode of the Office was just starting on TBS, so I got to watch that.