Beet It!

This was not so much cooking as it was heating, but it's still something I did in the kitchen, so there.  This piece of stuffed salmon is from Trader Joe's.  I think the stuffing was cream cheese, shrimp, and dill.  Tasty.  But the beet!  I was astounded by the yumminess of the beet.  I cleaned the beet well, keeping the skin in tact so the color inside was preserved.  I also rubbed a bit of olive oil over the beet before loosely wrapping it in foil and baking at 425 for about an hour... I removed it from the oven when a knife slid into the beet (through the foil).  I worked the skin off, then cubed the beet and sprinkled it with a spice mixture from, you guessed it, Trader Joe's.  300 calorie dinner, so I had a glass of wine with it.