A New Home, You Say?

Indeed. Henry and I are moving into a duplex in the Cottage Home neighborhood in May. We're signing a year lease (I guess technically I'm the only one signing), so when Phil is done in Illinois he'll come live with us too!

Well, I tried in vain to get a map of the area up here, but again, the computer is smarter than I. If you want to see where it is (a bit east of Mass Ave, a bit west of my brother's house), use your favorite online map and input '930 N. Highland Indianapolis'

Maybe this weekend I'll get over there and take a picture of the outside, at least. Maybe I could even get a photograph of the inside of the sister unit, because my friends Crystal and Chad live there! Yes-- we're moving in next door to friends! Henry will get to share the fenced in backyard with Silas, their adorable lab/shepard mix (I think?) with huge ears that are so cute. Once we move there I'm sure Silas' photo will be on the blog sometimes. We've got covered, off-street parking, backyard deck, loft-style upstairs bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, updated kitchen, washer/dryer in unit, great stained wood borders around the doors and windows, etc. Very excited to be in a cool apartment, to live near friends, to have a fenced in yard, and all the other stuff.


Crystal said...

I can't wait. We're very lucky to have you two move in soon!

Anonymous said...

I went to google map to see your new place. When I got to the "picture" level it skipped over your block. I'll have to wait until you take a picture.....or am invited over!!!!

deb said...

I am the anonymous...forgot to type in my name.

msg said...

super exciting! can't wait to see pics!!!!