Technical Difficulties

Ok, it should work to comment on posts again, but I can't get it to put those little checkboxes under the entries... I've told it to enable this feature, but it's not enabling.  I'll keep trying.  Also, CSI Miami tonight directed by Rob Zombie is cool.  That red-headed guy with the sunglasses on this show just cracks me up.

Also, while at the gym today I watched Deepak Chopra  talking about people's need for instant gratification.  He said when a person is thinking about eating a piece of cake right now, even though it may contribute to heart disease or diabetes in the future, he'll eat it.  He said don't think about 20 years from now, just think about one hour from now.  If you eat a big plate of onion rings or something, odds are in an hour or tonight before bed you will feel bad.  I'm going to try to think like this.


Deb said...

I'm glad to know it wasn't just me having technical difficulties. ;)