The Challenge

Ok, I'm now a two-being household. That means my comings and goings mean something not only to my schedule, but to Henry's as well. So.... right after Henry on the list of priorities comes to gym. It seems to make the most sense that I get up and go to the gym before work, come back home and get ready for work, then come straight home after work. But that requires waking up, which is not something I'm very good at. Today Henry let me sleep until 9am; I thought he'd wake me up at 7 or 8. I went to the gym as a single dog owner before, so why does it seem more difficult now? This week I'm going to try the morning work out. If this doesn't work well, I'll try to make a night work out schedule (which I prefer), but I think it's better for Henry if I do a morning work out. So just do it and quit making excuses!

This is Henry telling me to quit whining and start sweating.


Crystal said...

Love this!

deb said...

If I were only closer I would love to help you out. Not with the exercise, but with the dog!! I have my own issues trying to get motivated!!

msg said...

maybe Henry let you sleep in because he doesn't want you to go to the gym.