February's Over!

March 1 at last! The longest month with the fewest days is gone for almost a year, thank goodness! I'm kinda figuring out a routine here in my new job and temporary place to live, but things will change next week when Henry comes to live with me again! I can't wait!

Saturday I took lots and lots of musculoskeletal MRIs.
Sunday Aunt Sandy and I explored a bit of Indianapolis. We started at the Indiana State Museum, which had a traveling Abe Lincoln exhibit from the Library of Congress. The exhibit contained a lot of neat stuff, but it was so dimly lit even my young(ish) eyes had some difficulty reading everything. The rest of the museum was like a ghost town, so we were able to linger over the exhibits detailing Indiana's history of running the natives off their land and later wearing white KKK robes and hats (I feel like there's a better word than 'hat' to use here, but I can't think of what it is). But really, there was a bunch of interesting stuff there. They had the timbers from that loch they dug up in New Haven back in the 90's, and old mail order catalogs from the early 20th century. Oh! My favorite part was the 3rd floor where they had all sorts of taxidermied animals posed in little tableaus.
Then we went to a restaurant Crystal and Chad took me to a couple of weeks ago-- Bosphorus, a Turkish restaurant in the Fountain Square area. We had delicious, spicy lentil soup and shared an appetizer platter. My favorite is the baba ganoush, and Sandy really liked this eggplant relish and the hummus.