Power Breakfast

My mom told me about this smoothie recipe that Food Network personality Alton Brown likes, so I made a couple of adjustments and plan on using it most days for breakfast.  If you want his original recipe, which uses bananas and does not use protein powder, you can look on foodtv.com and search through his recipes.  I don't like bananas and do like protein, fyi.

Power Smoothie
1/2 c. skim milk
1/2 c. mango/peach juice
1 c. frozen berries
1 scoop your favorite vanilla flavored protein powder

Put all in blender jar and blend till smooth.  I use my stick blender... just put all ingredients in a plastic mug and immerse the blender and blend till smooth.  

This drink has under 400 calories and you can drink on it for an hour-- it makes a lot of smoothie.  Also, it packs a ton of protein and fiber.  And it's delicious!  Great way to start the day.  A couple of days ago I  used blueberry juice, and the drink was just SO BERRY-Y.  Using the mango-peach juice (V8 Fusion brand juice) lightened it up the perfect amount.